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July 31, 2020

WOOP! Launches Concierge Quotes

Woop Insurance Agency LLC announces new technology solution, launching Concierge Quoting Service

Philadelphia-based insurance technology start-up, Woop Insurance Agency LLC, announced the launch of its Concierge Quoting Service. Woop’s Concierge Quoting provides the technology solution for customers who want to shop for home and auto insurance online, but don’t want to spend hours going to different insurance companies’ websites or dealing with awkward sales calls.

“We apply modern technology to a traditional industry that often forces clients to speak with agents.”

Concierge Quoting customers upload their current insurance information, guaranteeing accuracy of the policy details, while streamlining the application process. Woop then provides a true apples-to-apples price comparison for customers to buy online.

Kevin Horio, the firm’s CTO and co-founder, explained that: “Our mission is to make insurance as easy as buying everything else online. We apply modern technology to a traditional industry that often forces clients to speak with agents, whether customers want to or not. What makes our job challenging is that insurance companies want different data. So, typically, more quotes to compare, mean more questions to ask the customer. We are proud of how our current service has simplified this experience. With Concierge Quoting, our customers get personalized quotes and great prices, with fewer questions. It is a better customer experience.”

Woop has launched this new service with select B2B partnerships and will begin rolling out the feature with its direct business.

“This is an exciting step in our journey,” said Kevin Utz, Woop’s Engineering Manager. “Concierge Quoting allows us to cater to customers that already have insurance and want to shop prices without sacrificing coverage. The launch of Concierge Quoting represents our ability to update our platform to meet any specific customer need.

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About Woop Insurance Agency and Woop Group:

Woop Insurance Agency LLC ( is a personal lines, property, and casualty insurance agency, licensed in 47 states. Woop Insurance Agency is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Woop Group, Inc. (, a B2B2C Insurance technology “InsurTech” company, with their main offices located in Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 2019, the company focuses on technology-driven solutions that provide online customers with bindable home, auto, renters, and condo quotes and creative B2B structures that allow for continuous revenue sharing with strategic partnerships.

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