Buying a Car AND Saving on Insurance

By: Woop Blog Group
Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Naturally, if you are upgrading to a newer vehicle, you may expect to pay more for your insurance. Although it’s certainly possible that your insurance will go up, the truth is—you may actually be able to save on insurance. This seems unlikely but it’s true! Woop can help you to get an immediate insurance quote, and possibly cheaper car insurance!

Newer Vehicles Have More Safety Features

If you’re switching from an older vehicle with limited safety features, chances are your insurance company will offer additional discounts for features that come standard on most new vehicles. These include blind-spot detection, automatic braking, active anti-theft systems and more. Insurers determine your premium based on many factors, and newer vehicles use technology that makes them less risky to insurance companies!  We can take these factors into consideration and provide you with immediate car insurance quotes that compare the best possible rates and coverage.

Shopping Your Policy with Other Insurers

To put it plainly, some insurers use data to identify customers who are less likely to shop and increase their rates because they’ve determined that the most loyal customers will simply accept higher premiums. This controversial practice is just one part of how insurance companies use Price Optimization techniques to determine your premium. Shopping your insurance with multiple carriers regularly is the best way to mitigate this risk.  

Want proof?

In October 2015, a group of customers sued Farmers Insurance Group on suspicion that the company was effectively penalizing its most loyal customers—for being loyal customers. Investigators found evidence showing that from 2008 to 2018, customers who had been with the company for 9 years or more paid anywhere from 4-13% more for their insurance than they otherwise should have.  

We Have Your Solution

Insurance companies can make shopping difficult – but we’ve developed a platform that allows everyday consumers to do exactly that. Our user-friendly platform allows you to connect your current policy which we can use to compare rates across numerous insurers with the same coverages that you currently have. We can then offer you the best insurance comparison rates, and our quotes are binding!

In short—we check to see if you’re overpaying. We’re car insurance made easy and affordable, without compromising your coverage.

We also don’t waste your time. If you’re already getting a great rate with sufficient coverages, we tell you.


If you’re overpaying, we send you the best quote(s) that either match or exceed your current coverages at a better price. Data shows nearly 85% of people would save money by shopping their insurance, and our own experience supports these findings. Most consumers who decide to shop their insurance through us find a better deal—and that is why we do what we do - to guarantee our customers the best car insurance comparison rates in a quick, simple, online format!