Where can you find your VIN?

By: Woop Blog Group
Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Where can you find your VIN?

Your Vehicle Identification Number is listed on your registration, insurance card, title, and even on the vehicle itself! If you’ve recently purchased a vehicle and have any of these documents readily available, you should be able to easily find the VIN.  

Depending on your state, the VIN may appear in different places on your title or registration. Regardless of any slight differences, the VIN will almost always be near the top of the document in a prominent location. If the VIN is not clearly labeled and you aren’t sure, here are some tips to help you identify it:

  • A VIN is 17 characters. Unless you have a pre-1981 vehicle, this format is standardized across all makes and models.
  • The 17 characters will include letters and numbers.  For an example of what a VIN looks like, see the below sample.

The most common place to find your VIN on your vehicle is on your driver-side dashboard. Standing outside the vehicle, look through your windshield at the bottom driver-side corner. Other places you may be able to find the VIN include inside the driver-side doorjamb, or under the hood on the engine.

Don’t have your vehicle yet?  

In this situation, you may not have access to your VIN yet. If you haven’t taken ownership of your vehicle yet, but you are close to finalizing your purchase, reach out to the salesperson at your dealership. If they have access to the VIN, they will be able to send it to you. If they don’t have access to the VIN, let them know that you’ll need it as soon as possible for the insurance. Because the VIN is required to purchase insurance, and you need insurance before you can take ownership of the vehicle, there’s a clear dilemma here. Fortunately, this is a common problem and you are not alone. In most cases, with Woop, you will still be able to get a relatively accurate quick car insurance quote, by providing the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Then, as soon as you have access to the VIN, your insurance agent will be able to update your information and send you a finalized car insurance quote which you can purchase on the spot!

One important thing to keep in mind—no indication of price when shopping an immediate car insurance quote is final without the VIN. Your quoted premium is liable to change after you provide your VIN, so the sooner you’re able to get the VIN to your insurance agent, the sooner you’ll be able to accurately weigh your options and choose a 12 month insurance quote that is best for you.

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