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By: Woop Blog Group
Tuesday, October 25, 2022

In a world that is growing increasingly digitized and automated, we must find new ways to humanize our lives in conjunction with technological developments. We need to embrace personal technologies like 3D printers, mobile apps, the cloud, and more, that enable us to use the technology to better our daily lives. The same is true with insurance; many of the old concepts and processes are failing due to the rapid growth of technology. That’s where Woop steps in!

At Woop we know that no one gets excited about having to buy insurance. But we saw an opportunity in this life necessity to optimize the insurance experience, and we built our company on it! We're not driven by some innate passion for this industry; instead, like many others before us who were unhappy with how things worked, we decided to make the existing standard better. We took a necessary process and upgraded the technology available to make it simple, easy, and efficient for consumers.

Our goal was simple: to create something better than what currently exists on the market today.  

We built a system where customers are met with empathy from agents every step of their journey; where information and knowledge are shared to empower the consumer; and where technology is used to simplify and accelerate the process.  

In short, we embraced the technology, without losing sight of the human element. Click here to see if Woop’s application can help optimize your insurance experience.